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        Tel:400-189-9530  - 中文版
        The government team of Economic and Trade Commission Inspect our factory
        Economic and Trade Government Commission come to our factory for inspection. [ more ]
        European Customers to visit our facotry
        Warmly welcome our European Customers to visit our factory for business together. [ more ]
        China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2013 In Qingdao
        We are the member of China Auto Association,every year we will attend this exhibition and meet our customers for business [ more ]
        Indonesia Customer to visit our factory for business
        Our business partner Indonesia Customer to visit our company. [ more ]
        Meeting our Korea Customers in our sample showroom
        Our Korea Customer to our Sample Showroom for business discussing. [ more ]
        The training sessions for the new workers
        Training sessions for the new workers,helping them to fit for their job asap. [ more ]
        The Mayor Mr. Huang Xiaoyan leading the goverment teams to Our Factory for inspection
        Mayor Mr. Huang Xiaoyan Leading his government team to visit our company for inspection. [ more ]